About us

Itchy, dry, irritated, painful skin? Dermal Therapy has a solution that works.

Dermal Therapy is a brand that was created with one simple aim in mind - to provide real solutions to common skincare problems.

We believe that with the right balance of research, knowledge and ingredients we can provide our customers with products that feel good to use, while providing highly-effective results.

Australian owned and made, Dermal Therapy is owned by LaCorium Health, an innovative healthcare company with more than 20 years global experience.

The effectiveness of our products is at the core of what we do. All of the Dermal Therapy skincare is created in clinical settings, using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality ingredients.

We believe that our products are our best spokesperson – once you use them, you’ll experience first-hand how well they work.

You can trust that the Dermal Therapy team is tireless in their search for solutions to skincare complaints that aren’t being effectively met. Each new product we add to our portfolio aims to solve another skincare problem.

Whether you’re a consumer, pharmacist or medical practitioner, we have the same message. Try our products today – you’ll thank us tomorrow.