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Human bodies are designed to sweat to control body temperature. Even though it’s totally natural, sometimes it can feel out of control and uncomfortable. For 3% of people who experience excessive sweating (like when you’re sitting calmly at your desk in a temperature-controlled environment, but still sweating), the sweating itself can be uncomfortable, but for most people it’s actually the side effects of sweating that cause discomfort. Chafing, for example, is a common skin problem caused by the combination of friction and moisture from sweating, and even irritating fabric and clothing.
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Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream

Dermal Therapy’s Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream is a triple action formula for long-lasting protection.

RRP $16.99 NZD

Front view of Dermal Therapy Crystal Deodorant packaging, showcasing the product box with prominent beautyheaven Best in Beauty 2023 and 2022 winner badges for Best Natural Deodorant.

Crystal Deodorant

Looking for hypoallergenic deodorant that’s ideal for sensitive skin? Dermal Therapy’s Crystal Deodorant is your underarm’s new best friend.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alcohol free
  • Natural protection
  • Dries instantly, won’t leave stains!

RRP $9.99 NZD

Sweat control spray carton image

Sweat Control Spray

Suffering from excessive sweating? Dermal Therapy’s™ new aluminium-free Sweat Control Spray can help. A clinical strength, aluminium-free antiperspirant spray that keeps heavy perspiration in check all day long and delivers odour relief for face, hands, and body.

  • Clinically tested for 48h sweat protection
  • Contains 100% natural actives that shrinks pores, not blocks them
  • Suitable to use on the face, hands, and body
  • Fragrance-free

RRP $19.99 NZD


If you experience chafing, try to stop anything that’s causing it, like change into clothes that are more comfortable and don’t rub your skin in an irritating way. Applying cream or topical steroids to the area can also help. Dermal Therapy’s Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream uses a next generation formula to prevent chafing and sweat rash, offering long-lasting sweat protection and lubrication to protect the skin.

Chafing is a pretty common skin problem caused by moisture from sweat, combined with friction, and often irritating fabrics or clothing. It’s the prolonged rubbing on the skin that causes the chafing, and can make the skin sting, burn, or become a rash.

Chafing can look like a mild, red rash, and in more severe cases you might see swelling, bleeding or crusting, or blister-like lesions. We sweat most under the arms, in stomach folds, beneath the breasts and buttocks, between the legs and under the feet, so you’re more likely to have chafing in those areas where body parts rub together.

Chafing is caused by repeated rubbing or friction of body parts, so there are several factors that can cause chafing, like sweating during exercise, nappy rash and ill-fitting clothes (especially during humid weather).

Chafing can cause rash, which can sometimes appear as small bumps on the skin

Chafing can last for as long as the friction/rubbing/sweat combination is there. The good news is, avoiding the causes that lead to chafing, and with proper treatment like using Dermal Therapy’s Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream, chafing symptoms can disappear within 2-7 days.

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