Skin’s Microbiome Balance – Expert Commentary

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Amit Saha, Registered Pharmacist & Head of Technical & Innovation at Dermal Therapy provides an expert commentary on the delicate balance of the skin’s microbiome and how to prevent acne scars and pigmentation:

“Skin microbiome balance” is one of the most used “buzz phrases” in the skincare world these days. It refers to the delicate equilibrium of microorganisms that reside on the surface of our skin.

This intricate micro-sized community includes bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. Maintaining a balanced skin microbiome is crucial for the health of the skin.

These microorganisms play a significant role in supporting the skin’s barrier, helping to defend against harmful pathogens, regulating inflammation, and even assisting healing.

What compromises the skin barrier?

When the balance is disrupted, often due to excessive use of antimicrobial products, harsh cleansers, or certain treatments, it can lead to skin issues like acne. Therefore, preserving and nurturing a healthy skin microbiome through gentle cleansing, a balanced diet, and appropriate skin care is essential for promoting optimal skin health and resilience.

Unlike most acne management products, Dermal Therapy’s next generation acne range offers microbiome balance to ensure better outcome by using patented ingredients that selectively weakens the pathogenicity of certain acne causing bacteria.

Gentle, Effective Acne Treatment from Dermal Therapy

Dermal Therapy has created an acne treatment regimen that addresses acne while keeping the skin’s microbiome balanced. The Dermal Therapy Acne Control range is a next gen 3-step skincare technology to effectively control acne and achieve ultra clear skin without upsetting your sensitive skin barrier. The range includes:

Acne Control Wash – Unlike Benzyl peroxide based many other cleansers, and other highly acidic or alkaline treatments, this acne treatment formula is free from salicylic acid and bleach. It is a super gentle foaming cleanser, which maintains your skin’s natural microbiome and it is sensitive skin friendly.
Acne Spot Cream – This acne treatment cream effectively minimises breakouts, actively regulates the excessive production of acne-triggering sebum, and incorporates ingredients that controls acne causing bacteria.
Acne Control Lotion – this acne lotion moisturises your skin while keeping your natural microbiome balanced and helps to prevent acne breakouts with patented Polylysine! With soothing and hydrating properties such as Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera.

Learn more about our acne treatment products including acne washacne spot cream and acne lotion or our 3 Step Acne Control Kit.

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