Acne is a medical skin condition that occurs when pores (or hair follicles) become blocked by dead skin cells, oil or harmful bacteria. Most common with teenagers owing to hormones, acne can affect people of all ages.
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Acne Q&A with Dr Phil Tong, Bondi Dermatologist and Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists
Dermal Therapy have teamed up with Gloss Etc and renowned Bondi Dermatologist, Founder of Dermatology Junction Dr Philip Tong, who has a clinical interest in the management of acne and acne scarring, atopic eczema and psoriasis.Dr Tong has answered some acne Q&As for us and has shared insights on adult acne, debunking myths, and offering expert advice. … Read more
A girl with some acne on her face smiling on a purple background
Prescription vs. Over-the-Counter Treatment for Acne
Navigating the journey to clear skin can be overwhelming. Understanding the differences between prescription acne treatments and over-the-counter remedies is essential. In this article, we explore which option is best suited for your skin. Understanding Acne Treatments Fortunately, there’s a wide range of treatments available for acne, from dermatologist-prescribed acne treatments to over-the-counter remedies. But … Read more
A woman with acne on her cheek on a purple background
The Importance Of A Good Skin Care Routine For Acne-Prone Skin
If you struggle with acne-prone skin, you understand the ongoing battle for clear skin. The key lies in establishing a consistent skincare routine tailored to your skin’s needs. Read on to learn about the components of an effective acne skincare routine as well as the different myths associated with an acne skincare routine.  Understanding Acne-Prone … Read more
a woman smiling at herself in the mirror thinking about the Importance of a good skin care routine for acne-prone skin


Both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide help to effectively clear acne – however, these ingredients are also known to cause excessive dryness and possible skin irritations, which isn’t ideal if you’re using acne treatment for sensitive skin. Those ingredients are not recommended for sensitive skin because they make your skin much drier than needed to treat acne.

Fun fact: your skin is the largest organ in the body! That means it has an ecosystem all of its own, and is home to a wide-range of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. All of that is known as the skin’s microbiome.
As the skin is a primary physical barrier, it’s the interface to the outside environment and can protect the body from foreign organisms and substances. The makeup of your skin’s microbiome varies on different parts of your body, with some microorganisms thriving in moist areas, dry areas, or oily spots.
Many of these microorganisms are harmless and even beneficial to the skin, which is why we want to maintain the balance even with acne treatment. Disruptions or imbalance (dysbiosis) can also lead to skin disorders or infections, like acne. Some other things that might affect the skin’s microbiome are hormones, genes, diet and other lifestyle choices or external environment factors.
Topical products applied to the skin can also interfere with the skin’s microbiome. That’s why here at Dermal Therapy, we work hard to ensure we’re giving your skin the best chance and creating a unique acne treatment in Australia.

Excess oil or sebum production is one of the main factors causing acne. This happens when the glands under the skin enlarge and produce more oil. Too much oil allows bacteria to grow (remembering that some of the microorganisms in the skin microbiome thrive in oily spots!).
That’s why it is so important to control sebum production in managing acne. The Dermal Therapy Acne Control range contains the key ingredient SeboclearTM, a clinically tested active that manages the overproduction of sebum during an acne breakout.

The Dermal Therapy Acne Control range is the ideal acne treatment for sensitive skin. Our Acne Control Wash is an ultra-gentle foaming cleanser free from soap, SLS and oil, while thoroughly cleansing the skin. The Acne Control Wash effectively unclogs pores without stripping the skin of its essential oils, or adding more oil into the mix. Most importantly, it is free from peroxide and acids and will not damage the skin’s microbiome.

We recommend using Dermal Therapy Acne Control Wash and Acne Control Lotion even if you are not suffering from acne. These products are effective for maintaining clear and hydrated skin. Our Dermal Therapy Acne Control Wash is an ultra gentle, daily cleanser – it really is the last acne treatment regimen you’ll ever have to try!
Dermal Therapy Acne Control Lotion can be used as a daily moisturiser, providing intense, oil-free hydration that balances the skin’s microbiome with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.
We don’t recommend using the Dermal Therapy Acne Control Spot Cream as a preventative method against acne – only use the spot cream when breakouts occur.

Dermal Therapy is seriously next gen acne management, free from harsh chemicals, acid and bleach! Regularly using the Acne Control Wash as a daily cleanser and Acne Control Lotion as a daily moisturiser can prevent acne flare-ups.
Remember: one of the main causes of acne is excess sebum production, which is regulated by our key ingredient, SeboclearTM. Another cause of acne can be clogged pores, and our Acne Control Wash will gently unclogs pores, while the Acne Control Lotion balances the skin’s microbiome, all preventing further acne breakouts.

The Dermal Therapy Acne Control range has no known negative reactions associated with other conditions or medications – it is an ideal acne treatment. However, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor before using our products if you are already taking prescription medication for acne.
With your doctor’s approval, our Acne Control Wash and Lotion can be used as complementary products to acne management if you are taking prescription medication.

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Front view of Dermal Therapy Acne Spot Cream packaging, showcasing the product box with prominent beautyheaven Glosscar awards runner up 2024 badge.

Acne Spot Cream

Dermal Therapy’s Acne Spot Cream is designed to spot-treat breakouts with a next gen formula.

  • Effectively reduces breakouts
  • Actively controls excess acne-producing sebum with Seboclear™
  • Designed with an innovative anti-scar formula
  • Only needed when breakouts or flare-ups occur!

RRP $23.99 NZD

Front view of Dermal Therapy Acne Control Wash packaging, showcasing the product box with prominent beautyheaven Best in Beauty 2023 runner up badge for Best Specialised Skincare Product.

Acne Control Wash

Introducing the last acne treatment regimen you’ll ever have to try. With Dermal Therapy’s Acne Control Wash, say hello to clear, clean skin with a formula that really works.

  • Super gentle foaming cleanser
  • Maintains skin’s natural microbiome
  • Free from salicylic acid, peroxides, bleach, soap, SLS or oil
  • Sensitive skin friendly, with the tick of approval from dermatologists!

RRP $21.99 NZD

Acne Control Lotion

Moisturise while keeping your skin’s natural microbiome balanced with Dermal Therapy’s Acne Control Lotion.

  • Prevents breakouts with patented Polylysine
  • Intense hydration with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera
  • Sebum control thanks to Seboclear™
  • Designed with an innovative anti-scar formula

RRP $23.99 NZD

Front view of Dermal Therapy Acne Control Kit packaging, showcasing the products included with prominent Mum Central Award 2024 winner badge for best skincare for teens and tweens.

Acne Control Kit

The last acne treatment regimen you’ll ever have to try: Dermal Therapy Acne Control Kit is a next gen 3-step skincare technology to effectively control acne and achieve ultra clear skin.


RRP $27.99 NZD


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