The Right Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin – Expert Commentary



Amit Saha, Registered Pharmacist & Head of Technical & Innovation at Dermal Therapy provides his expert commentary on how to choose the right acne face wash / acne cleaner to manage your acne

Cleansing your face with an appropriate cleanser is a very important step in acne management, perhaps the most important one! 

A typical acne management regime has three simple steps- cleanse, treat and moisturise.

Using the right cleanser can influence the overall outcome of the treatment quite significantly. 

Unfortunately, most acne cleansers found in the market are either acid or peroxide based.  

They surely can kill the acne causing bacteria and unclog the pores, but are they doing more damage than good? 

Acid or peroxide based cleansers can be very harsh on your delicate facial skin.  

It can cause unintended peeling and drying of skin, killing of all good bacteria to disrupt the microbiome balance of the skin and even increase your sensitivity towards sun.  

Dermal Therapy Acne Control Wash is a next generation cleanser that offers acne control benefit like sebum control and unclogging of pores, yet free from acids or peroxides to maintain the delicate microbiome balance of your skin. 

It does take all the boxes for acne management, why don’t you give it a go?

Dermal Therapy Acne Control Wash 

Meet the ultimate acne treatment routine. Welcome clear, clean skin with Dermal Therapy’s Acne Control Wash – a super-gentle, dermatologist-approved acne face wash cleanser. It’s free from harsh chemicals, soap, and oil, maintaining your skin’s natural balance. Try it for a truly effective skincare and acne treatment solution!

Learn more about your skin’s microbiome balance or how Dermal Therapy is redefining approaches to acne treatment.