Dr. Davim Lim shares how to stop an itchy scalp with our Scalp Relief Serum.


“I have been enduring the itching on my scalp over the past year. I’ve tried all sorts of shampoos, lotions and prescription formulas, all to no avail. My local Pharmacy suggested I try Dermal Therapy Scalp Relief Serum. Bingo, my scalp itching disappeared and still remains free of itching.“

Cameron M.

“I have found the lip balm very useful for my angular stomatitis patients, the scalp relief serum + scalp relief shampoo & conditioner extremely useful in my psoriatic patients. I have also suggested patients use the sensitive skin wash with good response.”

Dr Hayden C. (MBBS)
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Complementary product

For best results we recommend this product be used together as a management regimen for your hair and scalp.

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