“I just wanted to say hello & tell you that I have just started using your roll on deo it is brilliant love it, I have spent hundreds of dollars on deo as I sweat a lot & this, your roll on deo is BRILLIANT!!! wish I’d found it sooner!!!“

Elaine S.
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When Excessive Sweating Becomes a Problem: Causes and Prevention​​
Whether it’s the aftermath of an intense workout session or the result of simply stepping out on a sunny day, sweating more than usual can lead to feelings of discomfort and self-consciousness. Along with finding the right deodorant/antiperspirant, there are a few preventative measures you can take to kiss excessive sweating goodbye.. The Mechanics of … Read more
A man lifting his arms and looking at his underarm sweat being concerned
The Role of Hydration in Chafing and Sweat Rash Prevention
Combating chafing and sweat rash can be as simple as focusing on hydration, both internally and externally. Let’s dive into how proper hydration is the key to keeping your skin irritation-free, with Dermal Therapy’s Chafing & Sweat Rash Prevention Cream by your side. Understanding Excessive Sweating Everyone gets a little sweaty sometimes, especially on super … Read more
Man drinking from a water bottle thinking about the Role of Hydration in Chafing and Sweat Rash Prevention
Top 4 Tips on How to Manage Excessive Sweating – Expert Commentary
Amit Saha, Registered Pharmacist & Head of Technical & Innovation at Dermal Therapy provides his top four tips on how to manage excessive sweating in this expert commentary:  “Sweating is a process that helps regulate body temperature and remove toxins from the body. However, for some, sweating can become excessive and interfere with daily activities. … Read more
Aluminium Free antiperspirant and natural deodorant in a spray and a roll on.