Aluminium Free Antiperspirant – Natural Deodorant – Expert Commentary 

Aluminium Free antiperspirant and natural deodorant in a spray and a roll on.


Deodorant & Sweat Control

Amit Saha, Registered Pharmacist & Head of Technical & Innovation at Dermal Therapy provides an expert commentary on the use of aluminium in antiperspirants and how excessive sweating can now be controlled using natural deodorants.

Aluminium-based compounds, such as aluminium chloride, aluminium chlorohydrate, and aluminium zirconium, are frequently used in antiperspirants to form a gel-like plug on the sweat gland openings, reducing the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface.

There have been debates and studies regarding the safety of aluminium-containing antiperspirants. Some concerns are because aluminium is absorbed by the skin and can potentially accumulate in the body over time.

However, the research on this topic has been inconclusive, and regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration have stated that the use of aluminium-containing antiperspirants is generally safe.

Aluminium is one of several factors that has been suggested as a cause for Alzheimer’s disease. However, the balance of evidence does not support a specific role for aluminium in Alzheimer’s disease.

Despite this, the negative publicity does create doubt in a user’s mind!

With the progress of science, effective control of excessive sweating can be achieved without using aluminium these days and is worth a go.

Natural Antiperspirant Spray & Roll-on from Dermal Therapy

If you are suffering from excessive sweating then Dermal Therapy has an aluminium-free Sweat Control Spray or Roll-On, which can help. It is a clinical strength, aluminium-free antiperspirant spray that keeps heavy perspiration in check all day long and delivers odour relief for face, hands, and body with 48hr sweat protection.

Dermal Therapy Sweat Control range will keep your skin feeling dry and comfortable with 100% natural actives for pore shrinkage, not pore blocking.

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